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Peek inside the experience


Peek inside the experience

You’ll quickly discover:


Shortcuts to discovering what you like

What will over 300 honest (and funny) interviews, demonstrations and how-to’s reveal for you?


Discover new things, with confidence

Ways to communicate and ask to try new things, without hurt feelings


Get past distracting thoughts

Specific ways both partners can help relax into the pleasure

Based in science from Yale and IU researchers

Videos of real women sharing their experiences

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Don't take our word for it


I found new kinds of pleasure

"After watching the videos on Rhythm I just discovered an amazing sensitive spot that I had no clue existed." - Dana


We try a new technique a week

“We learn the techniques separately and try a different one each time. Some work, others don’t - but it’s intimate & fun.” - Aurora & Dave


It gave us shared words

“It’s so simple but having these shared words for what we each like makes us more confident asking for things.” - Valeria & Marlo

Knowing what to try and ways to ask for it is the key to more pleasure and happier relationships

Many people, when asked how their sex life is, answer “good.” OMGYES is about taking that “good” answer to “great.”

The techniques found in OMGYES help give you exactly what you need no matter your experience level.

As one interviewee put it:

“This can mean the difference between ‘not doing anything for me’ and ‘wow’ with every touch”

Here are just a few of the techniques you’ll discover



Ways pleasure is between the ears

Liked by 95% of women


Ways of keeping touch unexpected

Liked by 72% of women


Teasing and only indulge sometimes

Liked by 73% of women


Changine pleasure over time

Liked by 77% of women

Penetration techniques


Clitoral pleasure during penetration

Liked by 73% of women


Swaying inside not thrusting

Liked by 76% of women


Using the hips to direct pressure

Liked by 88% of women


Around the corner & against the walls

Liked by 72% of women



Styles of guiding and feedback

Liked by 96% of women


Patterned loops of motion

Liked by 82% of women


Extra attention to part of a motion

Liked by 96% of women


Approaching & withholding

Liked by 96% of women

Types of orgasms & release


Different pleasure behind the walls

Liked by 48% of women


Pleasure in the far-reaches

Liked by 42% of women


Building to an emotional release

Liked by 41% of women


Activating muscles for more pleasure

Liked by 72% of women

Dylan & Amy

Dylan & Amy

It gave us the tools to talk about it

The Indiana University School of Medicine studied OMGYES users and found:


95% experienced new kinds of pleasure


89% experienced more pleasurable sex


81% discovered new ways to tell their partner what they like

The journey to your best life starts tonight


Right when you get into the product, you’ll see the top three techniques you should try immediately.

After just 15 minutes, you’ll have learned and tried something new almost guaranteed to work for you

After 1 week

With over 300 honest (and funny) interviews, demonstration videos animations and more, you’ll still have plenty more to go through.

By now, you should have found 3-4 new favorites that you’ll be using for the rest of your life.

After 1 month

You may notice an increased confidence in asking for pleasure. You might be surprised by some of the new things you like but you’ll be glad you found them!

In 3 months and beyond

You’re in the groove. Communication and confidence is effortless now.

Your partner is bound to notice how you’ve changed, in and out of the bedroom

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